Diamond 2/3/5 Stone Rings

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Second hand jewellery has many advantages over new items. For example, with new jewellery, you don’t get the same amount of history that you do with older pieces. Jewellery crafted in past decades serves as a reflection of the culture and style of that past society. Pieces designed during the time of the Second World War acted as an offset to the serious and sombre atmosphere of wartime society. The jewellery in this era was filled with colour, often being designed in a somewhat playful manner.

Identifying A Quality Piece

When searching for an item of jewellery, it’s important that you make note of the key factors for identifying a quality piece. With regards to 2/3/5 diamond rings, there are two things you need to consider, the quality of the diamonds present in the ring, and the metal which the diamond ring is made from, this is usually either gold or platinum.

Identifying Value In Precious Metals

  • Gold
    The precious metal gold has been enjoyed and treasured by people for thousands of years. The oldest item made from gold originates from the Copper Age, making it 6,500 years old. In addition to being a luxurious metal, it is also ideal for those concerned about skin allergies. This is because 18 carat gold jewellery is so pure that it does not cause allergic skin reactions.

    Gold is available in a wide range of different purities, which is measured in 24ths, with each 24th being a carat. In this scale, 18 carat gold jewellery is 75% pure gold. However, you can mix gold with other metals to create different colours, for example white gold or rose gold which for example could be made from 14 carat gold and 10 parts alloy, to create these other styles of precious metals.

  • Platinum
    This naturally white precious metal was very popular during the Edwardian period, however it has seen use throughout many different eras, trends, and styles; making it a popular choice for many jewellery admirers.

    You can identify the purity level of a piece of platinum jewellery through its hallmark.
    In the United Kingdom, letters are used to indicate how pure the jewellery is. If the letters PT, Plat, or Platinum are present, this means that the ring is made from 95% platinum.

    However, as second-hand jewellery collections can contain items from a diverse array of origins, it’s also helpful to be aware of how to read the US system as well as the UK system. In the United States, numbers are used instead of letters to indicate purity. In the US system, an item of jewellery with the number 850 is made from 85% platinum, whereas an item with 950 included on the hallmark is made from 95% platinum.

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