Diamond Jewellery Upgrade

Reflecting brilliant light and being extremely tough to break, the wearing of diamonds in jewellery pieces sums up the feelings behind love and commitment, making them perfect to use in gifts such as engagement rings or a pair of earrings.

Having been operating as a jeweller for over 85 years here at Mallard, we have long established ourselves as a leader in the procurement of high-quality diamond pieces for our customers. As a result of our experience, we have been able to create a stunning diamond jewellery collection that will help you to choose your perfect piece.

As part of our leading service, we are able to offer an exclusive diamond upgrade – providing our customers with the means to trade in their previous purchases for something of an even higher quality.

The Elegant History of Diamond Jewellery

Despite their use being widespread, believe it or not, the use of diamonds in jewellery pieces is a relatively recent innovation. Their use in engagement rings is widely believed to have begun in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented the first diamond engagement ring recorded to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. This unusual gift sparked a trend amongst European nobles; making diamond rings the in-thing to gift to Ladies of the court.

As diamond discoveries became more commonplace and mining technology more sophisticated in the following 300-or-so years, the availability (and subsequently, the price) of diamonds allowed the people to afford and fashion their own pieces. In fact, up until the 1700s, it was thought that this tough mineral was only to be found on the Indian subcontinent. It was the discovery of vast swathes of diamonds in South Africa in the mid 19th century that changed the industry forever.

Thanks to the abilities of modern technology, the styles and cuts of diamonds vary. From brilliant cut to radiant cut, emerald cut to princess cut; the arrangement in which these diamonds are placed can be changed – as can the precious metals in which they sit. With such versatility, more people than ever are taking advantage of the wider range of choice to pick a piece that suits their likes, tastes and personalities better. All of this makes the upgrading of diamond jewellery a sensible option.

Why Upgrade Your Diamonds?

Whether you're thinking about purchasing a new piece from us or you've purchased from us in the past, you may want (the option) to upgrade your diamond jewellery because:

  • The style has gone out of fashion. Like the seasons come and go, so do fashions. What may have been the height of fashion when you got your jewellery may be now somewhat dated. Even though the feelings behind a piece such as a diamond ring may be as important as ever, there is nothing wrong in transferring them to a new piece that will create new memories. An ideal anniversary gift.
  • Your own personal style tastes have changed. Like the seasons and fashions, our own likes and tastes transform over time too. It may be the case that a new style that you like the look of has become popular and you prefer it over your old style. Maybe you followed the trends and have since decided that you don't love it as much as you used to? Jewellery (especially diamonds) should always suit the person – so don't worry about falling out of love with a particular style. Get an upgrade.
  • Your budget may have changed. Dependent on your personal circumstances, it may be the case that you have now got a larger budget available to upgrade your diamond jewellery. If we take engagement rings as an example, many people will tend to get married during their 20s when their finances are not stable and their incomes are low. It could be the case that the piece you wanted was not affordable at the time – now, with finances more stable, you can. The perfect time for an upgrade!

Diamond Upgrade From Mallard

With diamonds evoking feelings and reminders of times gone by, buyer satisfaction is vital to us here at Mallard. This is the reason that we offer a diamond jewellery upgrade service – if you purchase any diamond piece from us and would like to change it at any time in the future for a higher-priced diamond piece, you will be able to use the full value of the original purchase towards the diamond piece you have chosen.

To be eligible for the upgrade scheme, please note that the following criteria must be met:

  • The item you wish to trade in must be in a saleable condition.
  • Accompanied by its original receipt from the point of purchase.
  • Accompanied by the certification (where applicable).
  • The higher-value item is being purchased at the full price.
  • The purchased item must be 25% more than the original item.
  • Safeguard change of ownership fees may be chargeable.

If you would like to learn more about our terms and conditions for our upgrade of diamond jewellery, please feel free to get in contact with us today.

Need To Learn More About Our Diamond Jewellery?

If you have any additional questions about any aspect of our diamond jewellery service, our dedicated customer support team are on hand to help. Give them a call on 01268 534 343 or send an e-mail via the form on our contact page.