Pre-owned Watches

Pre-Owned Watches – All The Luxury Brands

At Mallard Jewellers, we offer a wide selection of high-end pre-owned watches for you to explore. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, we have curated a diverse collection of timepieces for you to browse at your leisure.

Why Choose Pre-Owned Watches?

Investing in a second-hand watch has its advantages. Firstly, you can avoid some of the initial depreciation that can happen on some new watches. Buying pre-owned can bring luxury brand names into a more affordable price bracket. It's a great opportunity to purchase a classic watch that you've always wanted that has been discontinued. There's a good chance you'll be able to find a limited edition watch, maybe that Omega 007 Bond watch you couldn't get on the waiting list for first time around. You'll also see vintage models lovingly and considerately refurbished and restored.

It is true that some watches can appreciate in value, however we would never recommend buying a watch purely for this reason as the value can fluctuate as well.

Our Selection of Luxury Second-Hand Watches

Every watch in our second-hand collection is fully guaranteed and meticulously refurbished to ensure its longevity and value. We carry a range of prestigious brands, including:

Rolex Watches.

Known for their timeless appeal, Rolex watches are highly sought-after by individuals looking for sophisticated timepieces or those interested in luxury watch investments. If you already own a Rolex purchased from Mallard, consider our exclusive service for upgrading your timepiece.

Breitling Watches.

Renowned for their high-quality and precision, Breitling watches feature chronometer-certified movements. They are also one of the few companies to produce their own mechanical movements.

Cartier Watches.

With a legacy spanning over a century, Cartier is synonymous with elegance and refinement. Their watches are sought after by fashion-conscious individuals and collectors alike. Notably, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was seen wearing a Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch during her 2014 trip to Australia.

TAG Heuer Watches.

TAG Heuer has been at the forefront of watchmaking innovation since 1860. Their authentic watches offer exceptional quality, reliable designs, and have been trusted in top-level sporting events such as Premier League football, Grand Slam tennis, and Formula One racing.

Omega Watches.

Omega watches are renowned for their timekeeping precision and durability. Did you know that NASA supplied Omega Speedmaster Professional manual-wind wristwatches to all Apollo astronauts? Experience the same high-quality with our collection of second-hand Omega watches

Tudor Watches.

A luxury watches company founded by Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex. Made to be a more modest priced, dependable watch. Tudor are in partnership with David Beckham, New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, Alinghi Red Bull Racing in the seas and many more.

Panerai Watches.

Panerai watches boast a unique, simple and iconic design. Their simplicity is favoured by minimalists, and they also have an interesting history, with early models originally designed for the Italian Navy in the 1930s.

Longines Watches.

Combining classic elegance with exceptional craftsmanship, Longines watches exude luxury and reliability. Whether you need a timepiece for a high-class event or require accuracy for performance, Longines watches are designed to meet your needs.

Other Luxury Second Hand Watches

If none of the aforementioned brands pique your interest, don't worry. We offer a variety of different high-end watches at Mallard Jewellers such as IWC, Oris, Rado, Patek and Philippe. Our online watch collection features many second-hand watches that even come with their original boxes and documentation. Feel free to explore our selection and contact us for more information.

Visit Our Luxury Jewellery Store

In addition to our online store, we have physical branches located in Southend-on-Sea, Leicester, and Peterborough. If you prefer a hands-on experience, we invite you to visit our stores and explore our exquisite range of jewellery.

If you have any questions about the high-end pre-owned watches available in our stores, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01268 267 050.