Pre-owned Watches

Pre-Owned Watches

As a well-respected jeweller with the best part of 90 years’ experience in the industry here at Mallard Jewellers, we have created a wide and varied selection of high-end pre-owned watches for you to browse at your leisure.

Regardless if you’re looking to wear, collect or invest in a piece of sophistication, history and manufacturing brilliance, our second-hand watches are available at affordable prices to suit your budget.

Why Choose Pre-Owned Watches?

One of the major reasons why people invest in a second-hand watch is due to the fact it’s already proven its worth by being used – as such, more value can be gained by purchasing one. Any brand-new watch you buy will immediately depreciate in price – and this is before you even strap it onto your wrist.

The vintage also plays a role in its value. Whilst some of the brand-new watches of today may become valuable in 50 years time, there’s no way of knowing which new models will become valuable, so you’ll probably never get the price back you paid for it. As the cost of pre-owned watches are lower, their future resale value will likely be on a level (if not more) than the price you paid.

Our Selection of Luxury Second-Hand Watches

Every single model in our collection of second-hand watches is fully guaranteed and has been fully refurbished to ensure that they are able to hold their value – long after you’ve purchased them.

Our selection of pre-owned watches include the following brands:


Rolex watches have been very popular for decades; they are highly-prized by both those who are looking for a high-end watch to wear for special occasions and for those who want to invest in luxury watches. Own a Rolex already? Why not consider upgrading your Rolex with our exclusive service?


Breitling watches are high-quality timepieces and are one of the few major watch brands to equip all their models with chronometer-certified movements. They are also one of the rare companies who produce their watches that have their own mechanical movements too.


Founded over a century ago in Paris, Cartier is a world-renowned jewellery manufacturing and watchmaking business; its name interchangeable with ‘high-class’. Cartier watches are very popular amongst both those searching to make a high-class fashion statement and for collectors. Indeed, Cartier watches are popular amongst some celebrities; for example, during her 2014 trip to Australia, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was seen wearing a Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch.

TAG Heuer

Since its creation in 1860, TAG Heuer has been continually revolutionising watchmaking. If you choose an authentic TAG Heuer watch, you will simply enjoy an exceptional level of quality, with a reliable and robust design. Their timekeeping qualities have seen the brand used in top-level sporting events, such as Premier League football, Grand Slam tennis and Formula One racing.


The mark of a great watch is its ability to tell you the time, no matter where you are or in what situation you may be in. How about in outer space? Did you know that NASA supplied all of the Apollo astronauts with an Omega watch? The watch in question was an Omega Speedmaster Professional manual-wind wristwatch, which allowed those space pioneers to be constantly aware of key times during their missions.

The collection of second-hand Omega watches we have on sale here at Mallard can help you to invest in the same high-quality (without having to go to space!)

Patek Philippe

With a history spanning nearly 180 years, the design of Patek Philippe watches are the very example of ‘history and tradition’. Still operated as an independent, family-owned business, Patek Philippe is said by many to be the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. With every movement hand-finished, the watches they’re a part of are relatively rare too – only around 1 million Patek Philippe watches have ever been produced (some Swiss manufacturers create 1 million watches every year!) Instead, they place focus on quality, not quantity. An ideal investment for any collector.


Panerai watches have a very unique style; their ‘less is more’ simple design is sighted by minimalists as their favourite aspect of their watches. Panerai also have an interesting history; early models were first designed for the Italian Navy in the 1930s; for example, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Watch.


Created by some of the finest Swiss watchmakers, Longines combines classic elegance with manufacturing excellence. Whether you’re out to impress at any high-class events or if you need an accurate timepiece for performance; a Longines watch has been specifically designed to meet the need for luxurious aesthetics, with reliable mechanics.

Our Other Luxury Watches

If you’re interested in purchasing a second-hand designer watch, but none of the above brands’ interest you, don’t worry; we have a variety of different high-end watches here at Mallard. So please feel to browse through our online watch collection; many of our second-hand watches even come with their original boxes and documentation. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Searching For A Luxury Timepiece? Choose Mallard Jewellers

Aside from our online store, we have branches located in a variety of different areas including Southend-on-Sea, Leicester, and Peterborough. So if you’re interested in visiting us in person check out where our luxury jewellery stores are located.

If you have any questions regarding any of the high-end pre-owned watches that are available in any of our stores, please feel free to contact us by calling 01268 534 343. Our friendly, dedicated team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.