Pre-Owned Jewellery

Pre-Owned Jewellery

If you’re searching for luxurious jewellery, but you’re concerned about high price tags, have you considered pre-owned jewellery?

At Mallard Jewellers we have a fantastic selection of pre-owned items to choose from, so browse through our online store or visit your local Mallard branch and discover a fantastic selection of second-hand jewellery today!

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery?

With brand new jewellery, you can relax in the knowledge that you are purchasing a brand new piece of jewellery. However, some might find the price associated with purchasing a brand new piece of designer jewellery to be too high.

Second-hand jewellery can be significantly cheaper than new items; however that is not the only potential advantage of purchasing a second hand item. Should you choose to purchase a second hand item, you could find a piece with lots of interesting history. Perhaps a ring which was made in the early 1900s, or perhaps you could find a style that was very popular in decades past, but less common in newer designs of jewellery.

Indeed browsing through second-hand jewellery can be a fun and exciting experience. Who knows what wonderful pieces you might find? Perhaps you could stumble across a beautiful ring or necklace which is no longer produced, or perhaps you might discover a one-of-a-kind piece!

What Styles Of Second-Hand Jewellery Are Available From Mallard Jewellers?

There are lots of different styles of jewellery that you could purchase in our second-hand collection including bracelets, different types of rings and a variety of other types of jewellery.

Some of the second-hand jewellery on our online store includes but is not limited to:

Diamond Solitaire Rings
Solitaire rings are a fantastic choice for those who want to propose to their partner. You can find solitaire rings made from a variety of different materials such as white gold or yellow gold. Additionally, you could find a variety of different diamond cuts such as a round brilliant cut, or an emerald cut.

If your partner enjoys older styles of jewellery, perhaps you’ll find a wonderful ring in our collection of second-hand jewellery. You might discover vintage pieces with lots of interesting character, or perhaps you may discover a one-of-a-kind piece!

Diamond Eternity Rings
Eternity rings are given either after the birth of the first child, or at a marriage milestone such as your first wedding anniversary.

Whilst many people may be interested in a brand new eternity ring, some may be interested in a ring with history and some character. So if you’re searching for an eternity ring for your partner, browse through the variety of different rings on the pre-owned section of the Mallard Jewellers online store.

Diamond Fancy Rings
Fancy rings can be wonderful items of jewellery to wear for special occasions. They can also make fantastic gifts.

The term ‘fancy rings’ can include a wide variety of different materials and stone cuts, so to give you a helping hand, you can refine your search in our selection of pre-owned jewellery by using the search features on the left hand side of the screen. You can refine your search to different types of gold, such as 14ct Gold, or refine your search to a stone cut such as an 8-bcut princess, a Swiss cut, or a brilliant.

Diamond & Coloured Stone
A diamond ring with a coloured stone could be a fantastic choice for a birthday gift, or as a gift for a milestone anniversary.

For example, a luxurious diamond ring with an emerald could be a wonderful choice of gift to celebrate 55 years of marriage. However, it could also be a birthday gift for loved ones who are born in the month of May.

Diamond Bracelets
A diamond bracelet could be a fantastic gift for a loved one. Perhaps it is their 21st birthday, or perhaps they have graduated from university. However, a diamond bracelet could also be a wonderful choice as an item of jewellery to wear for a special occasion.

You can browse through a wide variety of different bracelets on our online store. Some pieces may include yellow gold, white gold, and some may even include coloured stones such as amethyst.

Diamond Pendants
Pendants can come in a wide variety of different styles. Some people may enjoy wearing jewellery with a religious symbol, such as a cross.

If you’re searching for a beautiful and luxurious diamond pendant, have you considered browsing through our selection of pre-owned diamond pendants? There are lots of different styles and designs to browse through in our second-hand section, including a variety of different materials and stone cuts; perhaps you could discover a variety of different vintage designs.

Gents Diamond Rings
We also have a wonderful selection of diamond rings for gentlemen. You can browse through a variety of different styles. Perhaps a gent’s solitaire ring, a signet ring, or maybe a cluster ring.

Browsing Through Second-Hand Jewellery Can Be Lots Of Fun!

If you’re searching for an item of jewellery, browsing through a collection of pre-owned jewellery can be a fantastic opportunity to discover many wonderful pieces. You may discover rings, pendants, bracelets, and other items which are in wonderful styles that are uncommon in today’s market. Additionally, there’s a possibility that you may find a one-of-a-kind piece for sale in a second-hand section.

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If you’re interested in purchasing an item of luxurious jewellery, please browse through the fantastic collection of pre-owned jewellery on our online store. However, if you would like to visit us in person you can visit us in store at your local Mallard Jewellers branch. There are several branches to choose from in a variety of different locations such as: Basildon, Nottingham, Southend-On-Sea, Romford Leicester, and Peterborough. You can find your local branch by clicking on the ‘Our Stores’ link at the top of this page.

However, if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team over the phone, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01268 534 343. The Mallard Jewellers team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the products that are available on our online store.