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Second-Hand Jewellery

Here at Mallard Jewellers, we are leading experts in the sourcing and sales of second hand jewellery. Amongst our carefully chosen selection, you will find many affordable and high-end items in a varying array of styles that are hard to find in today's markets –everything from second-hand rings and earrings, pendants and necklaces, bracelets and luxury watches.

Whether you're searching for a gift for family, friends or yourself – something for a special occasion, a treat or even as an investment piece, why not take a look around our product pages to see if anything catches your eye?

Our Selection of Luxury Second-Hand Jewellery

Pre-Owned Jewellery

If you're searching for an item of diamond jewellery but would like to get more value from your investment, you will find a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery at a great price by browsing through our collection. Each piece has been fully-assessed by our qualified experts, and chosen for their high-qualities in both an aesthetic and durable sense. This makes any purchase a great-value one.

New Diamond Jewellery

If you're particularly interested in buying a gift for someone we also have a variety of new diamond jewellery items available in our online store. This includes diamond solitaire rings, diamond 3 stone rings, diamond 5 stone rings, diamond and coloured stonejewellery.

Pre-Owned Watches

If you're searching for a high-end watch at a great price; whether as a gift or an investment, a second-hand watch will allow your budget to go further. Our collection of high-class second-hand watches includes Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Cartier, TAG Heuer and many more.

Why Choose To Invest In Pre-Owned Jewellery and Watches?

If you've never made the investment in pre-owned jewellery before, we can advise you on why doing so may well end up being one of the best buying decisions you can make:

Second-Hand Pieces Offer Better Value

Like any item that's purchased new, the value of jewellery will immediately depreciate the moment you pay for it. After the buying, the value of new jewellery pieces can decrease by 20-40% – so if you intend to sell them on in the future, pre-owned vintage jewellery will give you more of an opportunity to garner a profit.

When you consider the budget you will have available to buy your second-hand jewellery with, you will be more likely to find that any funds, originally intended to buy a new piece, will be able to afford a better quality of gemstones and precious metals of a pre-owned piece.

Unlike brand-new jewellery, second-handpieces can retain the price you have paid for them. As trends come and go, and the values of certain metals and gemstones fluctuate, the age of a jewellery item will become almost irrelevant. It's only the most well-used of pieces that will offer the best value.

There's A Much Wider Range of Choice

With any well-made jewellery piece able to last for multiple generations, there is a vast range of pre-owned jewellery out there to be explored. As trends and fashions change by each passing year, jewellery has been no exception – from the last 100 years alone, popular pieces have ranged from the pale metals, diamonds and pearls of the Edwardian era to the larger yellow gold rings and coloured gemstones of the 1970's and beyond.

Each Piece Has History

One of the main reasons why people invest in second-hand jewellery is to pass them down through the family line. As investments in stocks and shares have proved to be highly unstable in recent years, people have been looking for more substantial products to safeguard their money in. These include the gold and gemstones that comprise jewellery, as well as the high-quality manufacturing behind luxury watches. Passing jewellery and watches through the family isn't just great to provide them with a monetary benefit; every piece made will have its own unique history too – not just how and where it was created, but who has owned it and the environments and positions it has found itself in whilst being worn.

Choose Mallard For Great Value Luxury Jewellery and Watches

Pleasefeel free to continue to browse our new and second-hand jewellery items– if you have any questions regarding the jewellery we have available, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team or visit your local Mallard Jewellers branch. We have several stores to choose from, in the East Midlands, Cambridgeshire and Essex areas.

If you would prefer to speak to our team of jewellers over the phone, you can do so by calling 01268 534343.

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