Gold Chains

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Exquisite Pre-Owned Gold Chains – For Everyday and Occasional Wear

If you’re on the lookout for a piece of jewellery that will add to your everyday or occasional look, a gold chain is a great choice to make. Gold chains do not deteriorate in quality over time (especially if well-looked after), nor do they lose their shimmer, look or form. Perfect to wear alongside any traditional or modern outfit or a special pendant you may hold dear.
Here at Mallard Jewellers, we have a wide range of pre-owned gold chains to suit any likes, styles or intentions – whether you’re looking for a luxury gift, something to treat yourself with or as an investment. Amongst our collection of pre-owned jewellery, you will find only high-quality pieces at great-value prices.

The Different Styles of Pre-Owned Gold Chains

Whether you have a particular style of chain in mind, or need some inspiration on what to choose – how much do you know about the different gold chain styles out there? A small example of the different styles of pre-owned gold chains you can find here at Mallard, include:

Curb Chains.

One of the most revered chain styles, a major reason behind the popularity of curb chains is their versatility as an everyday necklace; making it suitable for all occasions and for a wide array of people – women, men and children.
The design of a curb chain contains an interlocked link that is twisted slightly, and has been flattened to create a stunning look. Smaller and thinner curb chains tend to be lighter and more suited to women and children, whereas the thicker and heavier chains are favoured by men.
Curb chains are commonly diamond cut, which sees the corners of each link carefully shaved at an angle to create facets – this allows (just like a diamond), light to catch each link, creating a stunning sparkle.

Figaro Chains.

Named after the popular opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, this Italian chain link style is similar to the curb chain in the way it’s manufactured, but it instead comprises of a pattern of two or three circular links interlocked by a single extended rectangular link. Figaro chains are particularly popular amongst men and are best teamed with a pendant.

Bead Chains.

Also referred to as a ‘ball chain’, the bead chain is made from spherically-shaped beads that have pinholes which are threaded through a single silver wire using a connector. Each bead is spaced at regular intervals across the whole length to form a complete chain – this offers extra durability that explains their usage throughout history as chains for identification tags.
In contemporary jewellery fashion, bead chains are extremely popular (explaining the vast array of pre-owned gold chains in the bead style) and are now made in many different shapes, sizes and finishes; making the style alluring. Typical examples of creative bead chain designs include diamond cut, oval-shaped, engraved, spiral, 9ct yellow gold and 9ct rose finishes.

Belcher Chains.

The Belcher chain is a timeless English classic; widely believed to be named after a chain-link style popularised by English pugilist Jim Belcher in the 18th century (to keep his neckerchief in place!), the chain is made from a D-shaped wire and is cut and shaped into individual round (or oval) links which are then interlocked together. Each link is then closed and soldered to form the chain, completing its unique look.
Belcher chains are favoured by many people for their simple look and versatility as a standalone chain or to wear with a pendant of choice. Varieties of Belcher chains include the Round Belcher and the Oval Belcher.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Gold Necklaces?

The overriding benefit of why you should choose to buy pre-owned gold chains is because they offer better value. Take the purchase of a second-car as an example; while they may have all the mod-cons and be nice and shiny, the moment you drive off the showroom forecourt, its value decreases. Jewellery works in a similar manner – except gold jewellery isn’t so susceptible to breaking down!
After purchasing, the value of new jewellery is likely to decrease by up to 40%, meaning you lose much of your initial investment. The price you pay for second-hand jewellery is likely to be what it’s worth – giving you the best opportunity to hold value over time.
It’s also worth noting that the price you would have paid for brand-new jewellery can be used to invest in a more luxurious pre-owned piece – giving you even more value. Why not take a look around the range of gold chains we have here at Mallard to see if any suit your buying intentions?

Need More Information on Second-Hand Gold Jewellery?

Of course, gold chains are just a fraction of the pre-owned jewellery we have on sale here at Mallard – take a look around to see our vibrant collections of gold rings, diamond jewellery and luxurious watches.
If you have any questions to ask about our range of pre-owned gold chains (or anything else, featured on our website), please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team directly today. You can call our expert jewellers on 01268 534 343 or you can send an e-mail enquiry via the form on our contact page