Gold Pendants

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The Mallard Jewellers collection of pre-owned gold pendants includes a diverse range of styles with jewellery from various decades throughout recent history. Our second hand jewellery collection is constantly updating with new items frequently being added. So if an item sparks your interest, act fast to avoid disappointment.

Gold Pendants – Why Should You Choose Second Hand?

If you choose to purchase an item of new jewellery, you’re restricted to contemporary designs and styles which are currently fashionable. However, with second hand pieces, you have the freedom to explore collections of jewellery in a wide range of styles throughout the decades, including but not limited to the following.

  • Edwardian Style
    Jewellery in this style focuses on motifs such as bows, ribbons, and sporting events. Edwardian pieces are also light and delicate, and often showcase diamonds; however they do also on occasion use precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

  • The Art Deco Era
    Rising in a time when feminism rejected conservative views on femininity, the Art Deco era ignited radical wardrobe change for fashion that blended glamour with luxury. Jewellery in this style has clear influences from art movements such as cubism; however it also has notes of Asian and Middle Eastern architectural influence.

  • The Retro-Modern Design
    During the Second World War, the realities modern conflict led to a serious, sombre, and austere style of clothing; as such jewellery was designed to offset this. Retro-Modern jewellery is big, filled with colour, and at many times playful in nature. Brooches became very popular, with bows, flowers, and butterflies being especially common among women.

    Also, another key aspect of retro-modern jewellery is the use of semi-precious stones. The jewellery of this era was made to be more budget-friendly than other previous styles, instead of diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires, jewellers used stones such as citrine or aquamarine, placing them in bold settings with geometric styles and contrasting colours of gold.

  • Modern Jewellery
    Starting in the mid ‘60s and continuing well into the ‘80s, the modern period of jewellery used a lot of abstract jewellery with organic shapes. Jewellers would ‘borrow’ styles, techniques, and designs from other cultures to add to their own which resulted in a bohemian and multicultural feel to the style.

    As the years progressed modern jewellery would reflect cultural changes in society too. In the ‘80s more and more women were entering the workplace and fashion items such as shoulder pads became popular, ‘less is more’ was dropped and set aside for an era of ‘more is more’ with large necklaces, large earrings, and who can forget, the power suit.

Has A Piece Caught Your Eye? Would You Like More Information?

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