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Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

If you’re searching for a luxurious designer watch at a great price, consider purchasing a second-hand watch from the collection of pre-owned Rolex watches at Mallard Jewellers.

You can browse through a variety of different models and styles on our online store including models made from different materials and models with different case colours. If you would like more information regarding a second-hand Rolex watch that you have seen on our online store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team for more information by calling us on 01268 534 343.

Why Should You Choose A Pre-Owned Rolex Watch?

There are numerous reasons why people might choose to purchase a Rolex watch. For example, some people may want to wear a stylish timepiece from a prestigious brand such as Rolex, whereas some may have a specific Rolex model that they are searching for.

However, others purchase luxurious designer watches as gifts for milestone birthdays, for events in people’s lives such as a graduation from university, or as a gift for a friend or relative who is getting married.

The History Of Rolex Watches

Founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex watches are a very popular brand of watches. They are arguably one of the most recognisable luxury watch brands in the world.

They have a very impressive history with regards to watchmaking and luxury timepieces. For example, did you know that in 1926 Rolex created a watch known as the Oyster which was the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch? In order to prove that the watch was waterproof, a Rolex Oyster was worn by a swimmer who swam across the English Channel in 1927. After a swim that lasted over 10 hours, the watch was in “perfect working order”. Also, did you know that in 1931, Rolex invented the first self-winding mechanism with a perpetual rotor in the world?

This is just a brief example of the impressive history of Rolex watches. As time progressed, new innovations were invented, such as the Submariner which was the first divers’ watch which was waterproof to a depth of 100 metres. It also featured a rotatable bezel; this feature gave divers the ability to read their immersion time. [source]

With such a fantastic history with regards to watchmaking, it is understandable why many choose to wear a luxury Rolex timepiece. If you would like to purchase a Rolex watch for yourself or as a gift for a friend/relative, have you considered purchasing a second-hand watch?

Why Choose A Second-Hand Rolex Watch?

If you’re searching for a luxurious Rolex watch, you might be interested in browsing through a collection of second-hand watches.

With regards to those who are searching for a specific model Rolex watch, a pre-owned watch could be significantly cheaper than purchasing a brand new watch. Additionally, those who are interested in starting a Rolex watch collection and are searching for a lower cost model as a first Rolex might also enjoy browsing through second-hand watches because of the price difference between new and second-hand Rolex watches.

If you’re unsure what model of Rolex watch you would like to purchase, browsing through a collection of authentic pre-owned Rolex watches from a reputable business could be a fantastic way to browse through numerous different models so you can find a designer watch that interests you.

Also, if you browse through collections of pre-owned designer watches, such as the collection of second-hand Rolex watches at Mallard Jewellers, you might discover some luxurious watches that are no longer in production.

However, is it very important to remember that if you are considering purchasing a second-hand watch, you should only purchase pre-owned watches from reputable and trustworthy businesses, such as Mallard Jewellers.

What Rolex Watches Are Available From Mallard Jewellers?

There are numerous different models of second-hand Rolex watches to choose form on the Mallard Jewellers online store. You can browse through a variety of different items in our pre-owned Rolex section including both luxury timepieces for ladies and gents. Additionally, some of our items may include the original papers!

Indeed, browsing through second-hand jewellery can be a fun opportunity to discover many wonderful luxurious watches. You could discover numerous different styles and models of Rolex watches, some of which may no longer be in production!

If you are searching for a specific model and you would like to know what Rolex watches are available from Mallard Jewellers, you can refine your search using the search feature on the left hand side of your screen. This feature allows you to refine your search with regards to the price, case, dial colour, model name, and model number.

Any Questions? Need Some More Information? Get In Touch With The Mallard Jewellers Team!

If you’re searching for a luxurious timepiece to wear for special occasions, to add to your watch collection, or to purchase as a gift for a friend/relative, visit your Mallards Jewellers branch and browse through our collection of pre-owned Rolex watches.

Remember, if you’re considering purchasing a second-hand designer watch, it is very important that you only purchase a pre-owned timepiece from a reputable business that you can trust, such as Mallard Jewellers. Indeed, if you purchase a pre-owned watch from our store, you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to our 2-year movement guarantee on all pre-owned quality watches. For more information regarding the watch guarantee that is available for pre-owned watches that are purchased from Mallard Jewellers, you can learn more by visiting our Watch Guarantee page.

If you would like to visit us in person, we have branches located in a variety of different locations including Southend-On-Sea, Leicester, and Peterborough. You can discover the location of your local Mallard Jewellers branch by clicking the ‘Our Stores’ link at the top of this page. The ‘Our Stores’ page has lots of information regarding different stores such as addresses, contact information and opening times.

However, if you have any questions regarding the numerous Rolex watches in our pre-owned Rolex section, or if you would like additional information regarding any of the wonderful items of jewellery that are available on our online store, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team by calling us on 01268 534 343.