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Pre-Owned Gold Rings: Bonds That Will Last A Lifetime

If you’re searching for a luxurious gold wedding band to sum up a lifetime of companionship, then choosing from the wide and varied selection of pre-owned gold rings here at Mallard is the best choice to make.
Being a well-respected Jeweller with many years of experience in sourcing and brokering all types of jewellery pieces, our selection of gold wedding bands have been chosen for their high-qualities in both an aesthetic and durable sense – making any purchase a great value one. As wedding bands literally represent the union of two people, being able to have the perfect piece for the right price is vital – and this is where we can help.

Our timeless collection of pre-owned gold rings

Gold is very-much seen as the standard for wedding jewellery; the naturally warm hue and lustre they radiate is seen as a reflection of the romance and connection between the betrothed. Gold (when mixed with other metals, especially) is a strong material and classically valuable, so a wedding band made from the material is the figurative creation of a ‘strong bond’. Perfect for a union of two people!

What type of gold is best for me?

With so much choice, how can you know which material would be best for you? What are the types used in pre-owned gold rings which may fit best with the gemstones on the engagement ring?
You can choose from:
  • Yellow Gold – Pure gold and gold alloys (that contain copper and silver in set amounts) have a warm classic hue. This type of gold is the perfect choice for those who want a traditional wedding band; yellow gold can also look stunning with yellow diamonds, sapphires and other similar gemstones.

  • White Gold – White gold, on initial glance, may look like platinum; but it has a slighter tone. This colour is created by combining pure gold with white metals, such as silver and nickel. Sometimes, white gold wedding bands and engagement rings will feature rhodium plating to enhance their silvery sheen. White gold also looks great alongside any gemstone, especially diamonds.

  • Rose Gold – Often described as a ‘non-traditional choice’ for wedding bands, Rose Gold gets its soft, rosy glow from the addition of copper. It’s a beautiful choice for a wedding band or engagement ring; gems like rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds sparkle brilliantly alongside it.

Why choose a pre-owned gold ring?

The main reason why people choose to purchase pre-owned gold rings is that they offer better value; new items vastly decrease in price as soon as they leave the shop. Investing the same amount of money in a pre-owned piece than you would pay for a new item will mean that your money will go further – so you’ll be able to purchase a better-quality ring.
Another reason is that you’ll have a wider array of choice when it comes to pre-owned rings. Instead of settling for contemporary styles (which are likely to go out of fashion quickly), classic pieces are just that – timeless items that have been loved for many generations.
Perhaps you’re looking for a replacement wedding band? Instead of going to the expense of purchasing something brand-new, you can instead invest in something that has truly stood the test of time – something that beautifully fits together with any successful marriage!

FREE delivery on pre-owned jewellery

No matter your reason for purchasing pre-owned gold rings, every order we take will be sent within 3 working days via Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service (a signature will be required on delivery). Any order over £50 and above will qualify for FREE delivery, whereas any orders priced below £50 will incur an additional charge of £3.50.
For more information about our delivery policy (including alternative delivery options and returns information), visit our dedicated Delivery and Returns page.

Need to learn more about our second-hand gold rings? Get in touch

Please feel free to browse our selection of pre-owned gold rings – click on each product to learn more about their specifications and materials. If you have any questions you’d like to ask about any aspect of our jewellery service, our friendly team would be pleased to speak with you. Give them a call on 01268 534 343 or use the form on our contact page to send us an e-mail.