Which PreOwned Rolex Watches Holds Value

Which PreOwned Rolex Watches Holds Value

Posted in News by Mallard Jewellers on October 03rd 2019
With the instability of financial markets in recent years, investors have been moving away from placing funds into bonds and shares and instead, tying their money up in more tangible investments. Being highly-functional, long-lasting, beautifully crafted and often decorated with luxurious materials, it’s no real surprise to see that many people protect their money by purchasing pre-owned Rolex watches.

In this blog, we’re going to look at why people to choose to purchase this particular brand, as well as which of the models they create hold their value the best.

Why Choose A Pre-Owned Rolex To Invest In?

When most people think ‘luxury watches’ one of the first brands to come to mind will doubtless be ‘Rolex’. Founded in 1905, twenty year later they changed the horological world forever with a number of ‘world-first’s’ – the creation of a wristwatch that was waterproof and dust proof, then later, one that contained an automatic mechanical movement (the watch would wind itself).

Their approach to aesthetic style also helped to establish the brand’s popularity – their vintage models combining some of the most useful and valuable materials to create unique timepieces. It was this combination of aesthetics and functionality that gave Rolex the leading reputation that that still keeps them at the forefront of luxury watch-creation today.

Thanks to their history, as well as their watch-making excellence, Rolex watches are particularly sought-after by collectors. So if you’re interested in investing in a Rolex, below is some of the models that hold the best value.

Which Rolex’s Hold The Best Value?

Rolex Submariner.

As one of the most popular types of Rolex watches, the Rolex Submariner has always got a steady buyers/seller’s market. With striking aesthetics, a high level of durability and sporty in design, the Submariner’s sleek appearance (unsurprisingly, considering the name!) boasts a water protection depth of up to 300m. This is somewhat deeper than what the average sport diver will ever descend, so as you can imagine, the watch is very popular amongst those particular thrill seekers.

Thanks to their high-quality design and great durability, pre-owned Rolex Submariners are particularly sought-after by those who deal in the resale market too – hence their general availability for buyers and sellers to trade.

If you’re particularly interested in purchasing the Rolex Submariner 16610 , it’s important to be aware that due to this watch being so popular and valuable, it is often counterfeited. Before you buy, familiarise yourself with what constitutes a genuine Rolex watch and always (like with any watch) ensure you deal with a reputable retailer who is able to show industry-standard credentials when requested.

Rolex Yacht-Master.

Staying on the nautical theme, another popular Rolex watch with an extremely high-resistance-to-water ability is the Rolex Yacht-Master. Offering a beautiful blend of aesthetics and functionality, the watch is available in several different sizes for men and women alike – coming in a variety of finishes too, to suit all tastes.

The Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II can easily be identified by their large hands and bold numbers; making them easy to read even in challenging conditions (such as being underwater or on deck in high winds, etc). Due to these watches being built to last, their value holds extremely well – their robust nature (again, something that’s needed on the deck of any boat!) when combined with their timeless appearance, makes them popular buys on the pre-owned market.

Rolex Day Date.

With many buyers appreciating their timepieces for their simple, streamlined appearance, the Rolex Day Date offers this, along with a range of exquisite finishes in both men’s and women’s sizes. They are slightly smaller than the sportier models (such as the Submariner and the Yacht-Master), instead appealing to those who enjoy the look of a classic ‘dress watch’. Due to this timeless style and functionality, they do a great trade in the resale market.

Rolex GMT-Master.

If we’re talking about functionality, there aren’t many pre-owned Rolex watches out there that can do as much as the Rolex GMT-Master and the GMT Master II ! These aviator watches were designed to meet the requirements of international pilots – their distinctive 24-hour hands and rotating 24-hour advanced bezels allows them to read the time in three different time zones simultaneously.

You don’t necessarily have to be an international pilot (or a time traveller) to enjoy these watches – their luxurious, sophisticated design pairs well with casual and formal attire, making the models highly-coveted by collectors.

Rolex Daytona.

We’ve covered water, weather, sophisticated style and different time zones – so what about speed? Named after the city in the United States famous for its auto race, the Rolex Daytona offers a unique aesthetic, thanks to a trio of sub-dials that allow for exceptional timing.

Described by Rolex as ‘the ultimate tool watch for those with a passion for driving and speed’ the Daytona is particularly popular with celebrity buyers, explaining in part why its value continues to hold well. As a great example of this; the Rolex Daytona owned by legendary actor Paul Newman, sold for $17.8m (£14.3m) at auction in 2018! (Fortunately, you can pick up pre-owned Daytona’s not won by Oscar-winning actors for around £20,000 on the resale market!)

Out of all these models, most experts would agree that the Submariner offers the best value-for-money investment – its timeless appearance and durable reliability placing it at the top for many. Of course, it’s impossible to tell what would happen in the future (unless you can time travel – then wear a Rolex GMT-Master!), so the best advice we can give is to invest in something that appeals to you on a personal level. If you can get a hold of a limited edition of any Rolex model, then the likelihood for you to make a profit in the future will be weighed in your favour.

Thinking of Making An Investment In A Rolex Watch?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Rolex timepiece, whether for wear and/or as an investment, you can a find a wide range of pre-owned Rolex watches here at Mallard.

Having been dealing luxury watches since 1932, we have gained a leading standing in the industry, as well as the skills and knowledge that will help you to choose your ideal genuine Rolex watch. Already a Rolex collector? Why not get in touch with us to learn about our Rolex upgrade service ?

If you have any questions about our pre-owned Rolex watch range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01268 534 343. You can also contact us by e-mail through our contact page .


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