The Different Cuts of Pre-Owned Diamond

The Different Cuts of Pre-Owned Diamond

Posted in News by Mallard Jewellers on July 16th 2020
When searching for pre-owned diamond jewellery, are you fully aware of what represents great quality and great value? Whether you’re searching for a diamond engagement ring, necklace, pendant or any other piece of diamond jewellery, it’s important to be aware of ‘The Four C’s’ – the major C being how the gemstone has been fashioned.

The Cut is essentially the most important factor in summing up the true quality of a diamond. The cut refers to the shape and positioning of the stones and its facets. This has a dramatic effect on how the piece of pre-owned jewellery looks – and how elements such as light shines through it. As every diamond jewellery piece is unique, knowing about each cut will help you to make a better-informed buying decision – so let’s take a look!

Choosing The Best Value Pre-Owned Diamond Jewellery

The Different Cuts of Diamonds.

Whether you’re looking for pre-owned diamond jewellery for your partner or for yourself, it can be difficult to pick out the right one. With such a range of choice – thanks to the different styles and shapes – it’s no surprise that many people need to take their time when choosing their ideal diamond jewellery. As it’s such an important decision to make, you should be aware of what you need to look out for – so here are some of the most common diamond cuts available:

Round Brilliant Cut. This is the most popular diamond cut – it’s been estimated that more than 75% of diamonds that are sold worldwide have been Round cut. This diamond resembles a cone-like shape and as a result, contains a large number of facets – allowing a large amount of light to shine through the top of the diamond. If you’re searching for a traditional-looking diamond that can provide brilliance and sparkle, a round-cut diamond would be perfect.

Emerald Cut. Taking its name from how the gemstone of the same name is shaped, an Emerald Cut diamond is rectangular, with cropped corners. This produces facets that are arranged parallel to every edge of the stone; giving off an elegant, understated sparkle. This cut type is perhaps the rarest out there, so the wearing of one would make for an intriguing look.

Princess Cut. This is a relatively new style of cut; Princess Cut diamonds have been around since the 1960s and they quickly gained popularity as an alternative to the more traditional Round Cut. The face of this type of diamond is cut in a square or rectangular shape; making the stone look like an ‘inverted pyramid’, thanks to its four bevelled sides. A Princess Cut is also known as a ‘Square Modified Brilliant Cut’ – but we’re sure you’ll agree that ‘Princess Cut’ sounds much better! Overall, a Princess Cut diamond is utterly unique and offers a more modern twist to the pre-owned diamond jewellery piece it adorns. 

Radiant Cut. This diamond cut is cube-shaped, has corners that have been lightly-trimmed, contains 70 facets and mixes the elegance of an Emerald cut diamond with the brilliance of a Round Cut. If you’re looking for a rare, unique cut that contains various elements of the other shapes, then a Radiant Cut diamond is ideal.

The ‘Other Three C’s’

Aside from the Cut, the other three C’s of pre-owned diamond jewellery are Clarity, Carat and Colour.

The purity of a diamond’s colour affects its price – if a white diamond has any hint of yellow, then the true colour of the diamond is less likely to be reflected. This is why clear diamonds tend to cost more. The Carat is used to describe the weight of the diamond – although this isn’t the sole indicator of its value or brilliance. Finally, Clarity is a description of any additions or flaws within the stone. Flaws are caused naturally – because they’re formed under the earth, under extreme heat and pressure, virtually all diamonds will contain imperfections (‘birthmarks’) inside (called ‘inclusions’) or on its surface (‘blemishes’).

Whichever Diamond cut, colour or style you have in mind, always ensure that you take your time in examining as many pieces as you can – something that you may haven’t considered could well catch your eye!

Mallard Jewellers – Experts In Pre-Owned Diamonds

Having been operating as a well-respected jeweller since 1932, we have established a leading business in the procurement of new and pre-owned jewellery items.  Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can ascertain the merits of every single piece we intend to acquire, ultimately giving our customers a great opportunity to purchase high-quality jewellery at great value prices.

Please take your time to browse our wide selection of stunning pre-owned diamond jewellery pieces. If you have any questions about our range or would just like to learn more about diamonds in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can call us on 01268 534 343 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail through the form on our contact page.

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