Popular Engagement Ring Trends For 2022

Popular Engagement Ring Trends For 2022

Posted in News by Mallard Jewellers on April 01st 2022
There's no question that engagement rings are a big deal - after all, they're a symbol of your love and commitment to each other. So, it's no surprise that couples put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect ring.
If you're currently shopping for an engagement ring, or just wondering what the latest trends are, read on!

As well-respected independent family jewellers, the Mallard team constantly field questions from people regarding engagement rings – their different cuts, styles and metals. So, we’ve put everything together to create one handy guide – here are some of the top engagement ring trends for 2022.

Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2022

Larger pieces are growing in popularity.

Larger, more modelled rings are growing in popularity – large ‘statement-making’ stones and silhouettes (often in unconventional settings) have been forecast by experts around the world to dominate the market this year. While it was once common for the size of the rock to be the most important aspect, chunkier bands are also becoming a preference for many proposers.

But size isn’t everything.

While bigger engagement rings are growing in popularity, size isn’t everything when choosing the perfect one. Many people still prefer the simpler, understated designs that are wonderfully elegant, highlighting the stones and their cuts.

Engagement rings bought as investment pieces.

While engagement rings can be said to be an ‘emotional investment’, 2022 will continue the growing trend of them being a financial investment too. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, which stretched people’s finances and placed extra caution on their investments, investments in tangible items such as jewellery were a growing trend. People see jewellery items as a much more secure outlet in which to place their money, over other types of investments that may have volatile markets at the best of times, let alone in the difficult circumstances we currently find ourselves in.

Unusual choices.

Going against the grain is (somewhat ironically) becoming the norm when it comes to choosing jewellery in 2022! People are becoming more adventurous with their choices, moving away from perceived ‘traditional’ stones, settings and styles and instead choosing unusually-coloured stones and arrangements. One particular metal that has been playing host to these unusual choices is rose gold – while yellow and white-gold are still dominant, bands made from rose gold are becoming ever-popular just because they’re unusual.

Good things come in…threes.

With unusual choices growing in popularity, engagement rings with multiple dazzling stones are becoming the norm. One such style are settings with three stones – a trilogy that is entrenched with the symbolism of ‘past, present and future’. Modern takes on the classic three-stone settings are a great option if say, you cannot choose between your favourite gemstones or want your ring to create maximum impact. Whether it’s a classically-cut diamond flanked by sapphires or an offbeat rainbow stone arrangement, the band can comfortably host three stones that have such personal meaning behind them

Conscious buying.

More people are becoming aware of the ethical and environmental impact of the products they purchase – and the gold and stones used in jewellery are no different. Growing customer behaviour has seen them researching the sustainability behind the items they’re looking at, with them preferring pieces that can prove their moral worth over items that cannot. For investment pieces especially, something like this would definitely add cachet to their purchase.

Coiled bands are worth keeping an eye on.

Coiled bands – such as Toi et moi rings that have two gemstones nestled side-by-side where it meets the finger – dominated the market last year. While the popularity could be attributed to celebrities such as Ariana Grande, the style has been steadily growing in popularity for several years. Many styles of coiled rings contain masses of symbolic meaning – the two stones essentially being ‘intertwined in one ring to celebrate the love between two people’.

The bottom line is that often, symbolism will trump the contents of the bands – so we advise you to take your time to browse the huge number of different rings styles that are available to find one that perfectly suits you and your relationship.

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