Diamond Jewellery For Her This Valentine

Diamond Jewellery For Her This Valentine

Posted in News by Mallard Jewellers on February 10th 2020
If you’re looking for the ideal gift to show your partner just how much she means to you this Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to go wrong with Diamond Jewellery. So visit the Mallard Jewellers online store or visit your local Mallard branch and browse through our collection of Diamond solitaire rings, pendants, and bracelets.

The First Valentine’s Card?

Whilst there are many different stories and legends regarding the origins of Valentine’s Day, in fact the Catholic Church recognises at least three different saints named Valentine. However, one story surrounding the origin of Valentine’s Day regards a man called Valentine who was imprisoned for helping Christians escape Roman prisons. Before his execution it was said that he sent a letter to the jailor’s daughter who visited him during his imprisonment and signed the letter “From Your Valentine”; making this the first Valentine’s Card.

Choosing The Right Diamond Jewellery For Her This Valentine’s Day

When considering diamond jewellery as a Valentine’s gift, it’s important to consider the type of jewellery, the stone cut, and the material of the piece in question. After all, Valentine’s Day is but once a year, so you want to make sure your gift sends the right message.

1. What Jewellery Type?
When shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner there are lots of different jewellery types to choose from. Bracelets, pendants, earrings, and a plethora of different ring styles.

Bracelets are luxurious items of jewellery that can be amazing show-stopping pieces to wear for special occasions. A diamond bracelet is a wonderful way to show your partner just how much you love them, making it a superb choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. However, pendants are also great choices, as they are available in a wide range of different styles including both stylish pieces and more subtle pieces for every-day wear. Additionally, as pendants can carry spiritual significance they can be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for those with religious partners, for example if your partner is a Christian perhaps a diamond cross pendant could be a wonderful gift?

With regards to rings, there are lots of different styles to choose. Firstly there’s the 2/3/5 ring styles which are named by the pattern of diamonds set in the ring. They can be arranged in a variety of different ways, for example a 5 diamond ring could be linear with diamonds of all the same size, shape, and cut. Alternatively, a 3 diamond ring could be used to represent the past, present and future. Secondly, there’s the solitaire ring which is a popular choice for engagement rings, however they’re not exclusively for a proposal, in fact with lots of different styles of Diamond solitaire rings throughout the decades, for example it can be used to style an outfit or accessorise.

Thirdly, another beautiful choice of diamond jewellery could be an Eternity Ring. These rings are typically given after a significant event in a person’s life, so if this Valentine’s Day holds particular importance to you and your partner, it might be the perfect time to give her an Eternity Ring; for example you could have recently got married and this is your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple?

2. What Stone Cut?
When choosing a diamond cut, your first options are between the typical round brilliant cut, or a fancy diamond cut that is different from the norm. The round brilliant cut results in a diamond with high levels of both brilliance and fire. Fire refers to the sparkle you see when light is broken down by the diamond, producing a ‘rainbow’ of colours, and brilliance refers to the colourless light which reflects back out from the diamond.

On the other hand, fancy cut diamonds come in a wide range of different forms. For example, the princess cut was invented by Henry Grossbard and was one of the first patents on a diamond shape. Another beautiful diamond cut is the Asscher cut, which was created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher in Holland. Other fancy cuts include the cushion cut, the emerald cut, marquise cut, and more.

3. What Material?
There are lots of different materials to choose from when it comes to diamond jewellery. One popular choice is gold, which has been treasured by people for thousands of years. The oldest item made from gold originates from the Copper Age, making it 6,500 years old. In addition to being a luxurious and well sort after metal.

However, if your partner doesn’t like the aesthetics of yellow gold jewellery, white gold is also a great choice. White gold is made by covering a yellow gold alloy with rhodium which makes the piece's surface look white and shiny. Typically speaking 18 carat white gold jewellery will contain 75% gold, but the rest will be other alloys. Another alternative to yellow gold jewellery is platinum. This naturally white precious metal was very popular during the Edwardian period, however it has seen use throughout many different eras, trends, and styles; making it a popular choice for many jewellery admirers.

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