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Just because something has to follow a function doesn’t mean it can’t look good too – this is the philosophy that Panerai watches were founded upon. Once exclusive military timepieces of the Italian Navy, they have become one of the most popular commercial watch brands in the world – their combination of minimal, sleek design with a wide array of functions building a significant reputation.

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The Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Owned Panerai Watches.

The major reason why many people choose to purchase pre-owned watches is that they have stood the test of time (pun very much intended!). The fact that it’s already been used is a testament to its technicalities and general functionality; therefore more value can be gained over buying a new watch that performs in the exact same way.

While there is certainly a prestige to purchasing brand-new timepieces, the price paid will immediately depreciate as soon as it leaves the shop – it has just become second-hand. Alternatively, an existing pre-owned piece, barring any material damage or functionality issues, will remain stable in their purchase value. In fact, it could be the case that the value of certain brands or models may rise in time – especially if they’re well looked-after.

Speaking of which – an increasing number of people are choosing to invest in pre-owned Panerai watches because they hold value better (say than stocks and shares whose values are notoriously insecure). Buyers can be content in knowing that their money will be tied up in something that is less likely to reduce in value over time – another reason (aside from sentimentally!) why watches are passed down family lines.
So if you’re looking to invest in a luxury timepiece, why not take a look at the fantastic second hand Panerai watches we have on sale here at Mallard?

Panerai Watches: A Legacy of Innovation.

The business was founded when Giovanni Panerai opened up his first watch shop in Florence in 1860 – but it was his grandson, Guido, who expanded it into a manufacturer of its own products; taking over his wife’s family’s mechanical workshop. This led to Panerai supplying the Italian Navy with luminescent equipment – moving Officine Panerai (‘Panerai Workshops’) from being just a manufacturer of diving instruments to becoming one of the most influential watchmakers in the world.

Giuseppe Panerai, Guido’s son, took over the business in 1934 and shortly afterwards, the Navy requested the business to produce a robust diving watch that was as readable underwater as the company’s other (non-diving) instruments demonstrated. The solution was two-fold – firstly, a thick coating of luminescent paint with a secondary dial (that had slots cut from it) was added. Secondly, channels were hollowed out from a dial (in the shape of markers) that allowed the thicker quantities of luminescent paint to work their magic. The project was a success and in 1936, the watch had evolved into the Radiomir (named after the radium in the paint); birthing a design icon.

After the Second World War, the Radiomir evolved further; incorporating fixed lugs and the now-famous patented crown locking device. The Radiomir became known as the ‘Marina Militare’, which (following the introduction of a less-dangerous luminescent material) became the ‘Luminor’. The Luminor, along with the Mare Nostrum, were the first Panerai watches to be made available for purchase by the general public, being produced in limited runs. Their success attracted the interest of the Richemont Group (then known as the ‘Vendome Group’) who purchased the Panerai brand. Since then, the distinctive and immediately-recognisable style of Panerai has continued to evolve to incorporate the latest functionalities, growing an increasingly loyal audience.

So please take your time to browse around our great selection of pre-owned Panerai watches – click on each item to learn more about their specifications. If you have any questions to ask about any aspect of our products or services, our friendly team are on hand to help.

Choose Mallard Jewellers For Second-Hand Luxury Watch Sales.

Aside from this collection of second hand Panerai watches, we have many other vintage brands to choose from – so do indeed browse around if you’re a collector.
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