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The Wonderfully Awesome Watches Of
James Bond

Each James Bond has developed their own personal styles, tastes & character traits, and these subtle (and sometimes unsubtle) differences are most evident in their choice of watch. Each incarnation of the famous super-spy has seen a new batch of quality time-pieces grace our screens, with some coming packed full of gadgets, while other pieces were simply just for telling the time & looking stylish.

So with that in mind, we've taken a deeper look at the watches that James Bond has worn over the years - what makes them tick, what gadget surprises they have up their sleeves & just what do they say about 007!

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Skyfall, Quantum Of Solace & Casino Royale - Daniel Craig

When Daniel Craig took over the James Bond mantle, everything got a lot more serious. 007 was now more dark, brooding, brutal & ruthless and needed a stunning watch that was just as serious – step forward the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. This Omega time-piece really is a thing of effortless beauty and certainly makes quite the serious impression, with it dark face and bezel.

Omega Seamaster Professional

The World Is Not Enough & Die Another Day - Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan's Bond was the ultimate British gentleman, had an eye for great style and absolutely loved gadgets (especially if they were packed into a beautiful watch). Throughout The World is Not Enough & Die Another Day, Bond really did push himself to his limits with a series of daring escapades, which were only made possible because of his high-tech Omega Seamaster Professional.

As well as looking strikingly elegant yet macho at the same time, the watch provided by Q had a grappling hook, luminous markers, a laser and a detonator - making it the perfect watch for getting out of tricky situations!

Rolex Submariner

Licence To Kill - Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton's 007 didn't mess around and was straight to the point. He wasn't interested in any of Q's quirky gadgets that were available, instead choosing a watch that could handle high-pressure situations and be relied upon to keep perfect time. He chose the Rolex Submariner which was the ideal adventure companion, as it kept time to perfection and was rugged enough to survive any hair-raising scraps.

Tag Heuer Professional Night Dive

The Living Daylights - Timothy Dalton

In Timothy Dalton's first appearance as the suave & sophisticated James Bond he wanted a watch that was perfect for the part - the ideal solution was the TAG Heuer Professional Night Dive. Crisp, clean and simple lines combined with a dark, brooding & edgy appearance made this an ideal 007 time-piece that could handle any high-octane situation thrown at it!

Seiko M354

The Spy Who Loved Me - Roger Moore

As the world became more digital, so did Bond. So with Roger Moore at the helm of the super-spy franchise, it was the perfect time for the character to become a huge fan of Q and his superb & intricate gadgets.

One particular gadget that Bond loved was his trusty Seiko M354 which not only looked the part in the dawning digital age, but also packed quite the punch with a secret plastic explosive detonator, which caused just the right amount of damage.

Hamilton Pulsar P2

Live And Let Die - Roger Moore

007's wrist was adorned by the Hamilton Pulsar P2 during the action-packed adventure in Live and Let Die. The Hamilton watch was the first digital watch to appear in a Bond movie and it certainly delivered. At the time the Pulsar piece was technically advanced and was the world's first successful mass-produced digital watch, which made it perfect for Bond - he's James Bond, he really should have the world's best tech!

Gruen Precision Subsidiary Seconds

Diamonds Are Forever - Sean Connery

You may have never heard of the Gruen Precision Subsidiary Seconds time-piece, but it is argued and believed to be the first ever Bond watch. Sean Connery's 007 was rugged, practical, classical and sophisticated, so needed a watch that was all those things - and he got that with the impeccable Gruen piece.

Brietling Top Time

Thunderball - Sean Connery

The Brietling Top Time was the very first Bond watch to incorporate a gadget. During his mission in Thunderball, 007 was able to access a Geiger counter from within his marvellous Brietling which had a big say in saving the world. This piece was a great first example on how to create a watch that not only looked amazing but could also incorporate gadgetry, to help Bond save the day!


Now I think we can all agree that the watches that have adorned the wrist of Bond and even saved his life on numerous occasions really are special. Now you're obviously not going to be able to get your hands on any Omega lasers or exploding Seikos, but if you're suddenly in the market for a new time-piece, you can certainly achieve the suave style of 007, with pre owned Rolex watches, pre owned luxury watches, pre owned Tag watches or pre owned Brietling watches.